MapImagery and MapImagery Professional Download
Version Date Status Download Description of Changes
10000 16/05/2010 Pilot mi10000.exe
This version contains a fix for a licensing bug that was occurring on some 64 bit machines when MapInfo was run in 32 bit emulation mode.   The bug resulted in MapInfo hanging the first time that it was run after installation of MapImagery.   Another symptom of this problem was a blank site code in the licensing dialog.

Fix for bug that was causing zones later in the MAPINFOW.PRJ file to be missing from the MapImagery user interface.  This was caused by some strange characters surrounding a new Egyptian entry in the file.  Several other bugs causing leading blanks, and truncated category names were fixed.

This version also contains extensive changes to the handling of registry permission errors, which occur particularly on 64bit Windows 7 when running in 32 bit emulation modes. The software now provides more detailed error messages allowing better diagnosis of registry permission errors.

Fix for some installation issues on recent versions of MapInfo, where the installation program was not detecting the location of MapInfo components.

New code signing certificate for the MapImagery install archive as the previous one had expired.

Some fixes for auto installing the MapImagery toolbar into some recent versions of MapInfo Pro are included in this release.

Version numbering incremented to indicate that the new version has been tested in detail with MapInfo 10.

7200 30/04/2007 Production mi7200.exe
This version contains enhanced  support for JPEG2000 images, including support for rendering local JPEG2000 files, improved support for image web server JPEG2000 images, and support for rendering JPEG2000 alpha layers as a transparency (both local and image web server).

The new JPEG2000 transparency support, which is a feature only available to licensed users of MapImagery Lite and MapImagery Professional, provides the ability to recognise an alpha layer within a JPEG2000 image, and render this layer as transparent within MapInfo.  This feature is particularly useful for viewing a mosaic of images that overlap, as the alpha layer can be used to mask out those areas of an image that contain bad data.

A new image header file format .MIR (MapImagery Raster) has been created to facilitate support of JPEG2000 transparency and support for rendering of local JPEG2000 files.   This file format replaces the .URL files which were generated by previous releases of MapImagery (Note that URL files will continue to be supported by the raster handler, however .MIR files will be generated by the MapImagery GUI, rather than URL files). 

From the example .MIR file listing shown below you can see that the file contains a URL, and in additional other information specifying how the image should be rendered, in this case "Alpha" options on how the JPEG2000 alpha layer should be rendered.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<MapImageryRaster xmlns:xsi=""


 This new image header format will form the basis of various future enhancements to MapImagery, enabling greater control over the display of ECW and JPEG2000 images within MapImagery.

A new MapImagery options dialog has been created for controlling JPEG2000 alpha transparency.  This dialog controls the transparency behaviour of both the raster handler and the MapImagery GUI.   It is possible to switch off transparency support temporarily via this dialog.   It is also possible to change the colour, used to communicate transparency between the MapImagery raster handler and MapInfo.   Usually this is not necessary, as the default is fine for the vast majority of images.

The MapImagery user interface has been changed to reflect the support for JP2000 files.  In places where the ECW extension appeared in the past, now both the ECW and JP2 extension appear.   For example the main menu entry that used to read 'Open ECW Image...' now reads 'Open ECW or JP2 Image...'.

A section has been added to the online help on JPEG2000 alpha transparency support.  This section can be found here:

This release also contains various minor bug fixes and reliability enhancements and also includes the most recent ECW and ER Mapper raster engine support libraries.

7000 30/03/2006 Legacy mi7000.exe
This version includes a newer release of the ECW runtime and raster handlers, which provides support for streaming Jpeg 2000 images from an image web server.  Also support has been added to the user interface to make it simple to create a .tab file for dislaying remote .JP2 images.

Note that support for local raw .JP2 images has not been included in this release, because MapInfo supports this format natively, and adding support within the ECW raster handler would create a conflict. However, that it is possible to load .JP2 images using MapImagery via creating an algorithm that has a .JP2 image as its image source.

This version also contains a  fix to a crash that occurred, for some users, with recent versions of MapInfo Professional, when they loaded ECW plus other image types into a single workspace.

Some improvements have been made to the InstallSheild scripting to better detect different versions of MapInfo Professional automatically.

The MapImagery install archive is now signed with a MapImagery code signing certificate so that Internet Explorer no longer warns that the content is not signed, when the archive is downloaded.

MapImagery HTML help documents have been stamped with a 'Mark of the Web' comment to stop the Windows XP SP2 security settings complaint about unsafe content.

6604 15/02/2004 Legacy mi6604.exe This version fixes some problems saving edited changes that were introduced in the previous version. 

The problem manifested itself on some systems when the user went to save changes that had been made to an algorithm. 

An error message popped up with a random path, saying that the changes could not be saved.


 ECW for MapInfo Download
Version Date Status Download Description of Changes
6018 06/08/2001 Production ecw6018.exe This version has an experimental feature which changes the usage of cache memory by the ECW library.   If the environment variable ECW_CLOSE_ON_EXIT is set to a non NULL value then the caching behaviour of the raster handler is modified, to release any cache upon exit of the program.

This feature may be of use in certain MapX based server applications, whereby the server appears to leak memory.  You should experiment with your particular application, to decide if setting the environment variable is appropriate.

This behaviour is implemented via passing TRUE to the second parameter of the  ECW library call NCScbmCloseFileViewEx().  For more information on this behaviour see the documentation that accompanies the ECW SDK.

In addition, a more recent version of the ECW dlls is included in this release.

6017 26/07/2001 Legacy ecw6017.exe This version has some minor improvements to the InstallShield.  In particular long path names are truncated in the middle, rather than at the end, in the dialog that allows the user to choose which directory to install the raster handler into.

In addition the on-line help text has been changed in several places to clarify which MapInfo products ECW for MapInfo works with.

 Other Downloads
Version Date Status Download Description
N/A 06/05/2002 Production MapImageryPro.pdf

This document provides an overview of the capabilities of MapImagery Professional.  It includes a section 'MapImagery Professional at a Glance', which provides a useful quick look at the capabilities of MapImagery Professional.